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Scott Ligon has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for his new short film “Figure-Ground” with Future Shorts in London. The film stars veteran actor Allan Kulakow, who has been in several movies and played the Chief of Staff on West Wing. Future Shorts is a short film distributor whose partners include broadcasters (Arte/ZDF, Canal+, HBO, SBS Australia and SVT), online channels (YouTube, Babelgum), advertisers (Sony Computer Entertainment, Samsung), airlines (KLM, Qatar) and mobile content aggregators (PlayerX). Future Shorts is the exclusive distributor for “Figure-Ground” for television and all media. Click here for more info on Figure-Ground.

Scott Ligon's award-winning first short film, Escape Velocity, has played in festivals and theaters all over the world. The film is distributed by Shorts International and plays regularly on the Documentary Channel in the U.S. and on Shorts TV in Europe.

Shorts International recently completed another television deal for Escape Velocity. LAPTV is a partnership of four major entertainment giants, 20th Century Fox, MGM, Paramount, and Fox TV (Latin American Channels). They’ve all gotten together to form a massive series of movie channels, described as the best premium movie experience in Latin America. Like Dreamworks in the U.S., LAPTV (Latin American Pay TV) is a cooperative effort among industry giants. Shorts International has signed an exclusive two-year television deal in Latin America with LAPTV for Escape Velocity, and the film will be shown with Spanish subtitles. This deal could result in the largest audience yet for Escape Velocity. Get information on LAPTV, translated into English here, or in the original Español here.

"Escape Velocity" is now available on iTunes. It's only $1.99! Click here to go to the iTunes page or visit our video page for more info.

digital art revolution on iPad

Random House informed us that "Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop" is going into a second printing and an eBook version of the book is scheduled for release this summer. It will be available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other eBook formats. We'll have more info closer to the eBook release.

"Digital Art Revolution, Creating Fine Art with Photoshop" is written by Scott Ligon and is published by Watson-Guptill, a division of Random House, the premiere publisher in books. See all the great reviews and get more info on or click here to order from Amazon.Click here to see "Scott Ligon's Digital Art Revolution" on the Huffington Post. Exclusive video too!


Above: Digital Art Blurs Boundaries - Excerpt from Scott Ligon's Lecture at the Museum of Modern Art in Cleveland.